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Material Process Selection
Cut-in Place Thermoforming
Process (PDF - 120KB)
In-Line Thermoforming with
Steel Rule or Forged Steel
Trim with Vacuum, Air
Pressure and Plug Assist
(PDF - 140KB)
Modular Two-Station Forming
With Matched Metal Trim
(PDF - 119KB)
Physical Properties
(PDF - 354KB)
MSI for Customers
(PDF - 17.9KB)
Trouble Shooting GuideGeneral Thermoforming and
Cutting Troubleshooting
Guide (PDF - 74.1KB)
Standard Thermoforming
Equipment Overview
(PDF - 292KB)

About Advanced Extrusion, Inc. - Manufacturer of Custom Polyester Roll Stock

Quality Control Certificate of Analysis About Advanced Extrusion, Inc. - Manufacturer of Custom Polyester Roll Stock

Advanced Extrusion, Inc. is a close tolerance extrusion house utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to produce polyester roll stock for the thermoforming and laminating industries. This equipment, combined with a team that has more than 35 years of experience in the extrusion industry, results in a product that meets all our customers critical requirements. The team at Advanced Extrusion takes pride in offering service that our customers tell us is the best in the industry. Our commitment to excellent service is fueled by our stated objective to be recognized by our customers as a true partner in their present and future success.

The wide range of gauge and width capabilities offered in APET, RPET, CPET and Side-by-Side by Advanced Extrusion is augmented by our team's strong knowledge of the thermoforming process and has the ability to offer on-site technical assistance if it is desired. Additionally, Advanced Extrusion has adopted manufacturing practices that provide for lot-to-lot traceability as is required by most food and medical applications.

Specializing in close tolerance polyester extrusion, with a wide range of gauge and width capabilities, lot-to-lot traceability, and industry leading service.

Quality Statement

Advanced Extrusion's Roll Stock is manufactured to documented quality controlled standards that provide traceability required in food and medical packaging and a certificate of analysis is completed to ensure the product was made to customers specifications.


Advanced Extrusion knows the importance of utilizing recycled material to lower the carbon footprint in polyester packaging. Polyester is the most desired material for recycling due to its superior physical properties. We offer a wide range of recycled content to meet our customer's requirements.

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