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Material Process Selection
Cut-in Place Thermoforming
Process (PDF - 120KB)
In-Line Thermoforming with
Steel Rule or Forged Steel
Trim with Vacuum, Air
Pressure and Plug Assist
(PDF - 140KB)
Modular Two-Station Forming
With Matched Metal Trim
(PDF - 119KB)
Physical Properties
(PDF - 354KB)
MSI for Customers
(PDF - 17.9KB)
Trouble Shooting GuideGeneral Thermoforming and
Cutting Troubleshooting
Guide (PDF - 74.1KB)
Standard Thermoforming
Equipment Overview
(PDF - 292KB)

New Plastic Extrusion Roll Stock, Sheet & Films by Advanced Extrusion, Inc.



Cell-PETCell-PET is a reduced density PET roll stock. This is achieved by adding an inert gas into the material to reduce weight. MSI weight reductions range from 20% to 50%. This means higher yield per pound for your polyester packaging needs. Cell-PET is another value added solution to sustainable packaging. Reducing weight of PET will offer a lower carbon footprint.

Metalized PET

Metalized PETMetalized PET for your specialty packaging applications. Metalized PET works well for high impact point of purchase packaging. It's ideal for candy trays and cosmetics packaging. Metalized PET is available in many backing colors.

Cap Ex

Cap ExCap Ex - Is a co-extruded multilayered sheet manufactured for benefits of sheet appearance and cost reduction. AEI offers mono, A/B and A/B/A layer structures. A/B layer applications allows custom sheet for two side colors used in bowls, cups and plates. A/B/A layer structures provides prime FDA cap "A" layers while using a cheaper cost filler "B" core layer as a means of a lower cost. A/B/A layer structure is a great alternative to mono layer for de-nest and ESD. These additives can be loaded in the cap layers which lower cost and provide a better optical sheet. Read More.
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